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Smart Instrumentation

Smart Instrumentation ... Intelligent Surgery

Smart Instrument Main PageA surgeon uses a Smart Instrument during a spinal fusion surgery. CAS provides surgeons the ability to execute surgery with greater accuracy and visualization.In the operating room, the surgical team uses Smart Instruments to match the patient’s anatomy to the computer’s virtual model of the patient. This process is known as registration. Once complete, the infrared camera tracks the location of the wireless Smart Instruments and sends this information to the computer. The instrument location is then visually displayed in real time on monitors in the operating room, providing the surgeon with the exact position of the Smart Instruments in relation to the patient’s anatomy.

Medical device companies, like Stryker, continue to revolutionize and expand the field of computer assisted surgery. Currently, CAS technology is aiding orthopaedics, spine, neuro, ENT, and trauma surgeries. With CAS in the OR, surgeons are able to execute surgery with greater accuracy and visualization.

Image Gallery

Knee Navigation Smart Instrument PointerSmart Instrument used during orthopaedic surgery procedures.

Long PointerSmart Instrument pointer used in neurosurgery and ENT procedures.

Navigated Xia 3 Instrument and nGeniusSmart Instrument used during spinal surgery procedures.

Nav IIStryker’s Navigation System II includes the navigation camera and computer to run the navigation software. It is used in spine, neuro, ENT, orthopaedic, and trauma surgery.


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