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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Every day, patients just like you are experiencing the benefits of computer assisted surgery. While not the solution for every case*, CAS has the potential to maximize the benefits of minimally invasive surgery techniques while helping to improve the quality of life of the patients who have chosen to pursue CAS as part of their road to recovery.

*Individual results may vary. Not all patients will have the same post-operative recovery and activity level. See your surgeon to discuss your own potential benefits and risks.

When you first meet Alton Edwards, you are immediately captivated by his personality. He is full of energy and jokes. Active in his community, he is a member of the fire department, where his friends call him “Super Chief.”  But when he was suffering from lower back pain caused by degenerative changes to his spine, Alton’s busy lifestyle was affected.  He tried conventional treatment options, but nothing took the pain away. Refusing to let the pain get the best of him, he decided to have spine surgery. Hear how Alton’s computer assisted spine surgery made him feel like the “Super Chief” again.

There was one thing standing in Theresa Thompson’s way of riding her brand new snow mobile … osteoarthritis in her knee. Theresa, a human resources director, loves biking, hiking, snowshoeing and pretty much everything the great outdoors has to offer. However, knee pain prevented her from doing the activities she loves. When it was time to consider a total knee replacement, she did a lot of research and took charge of her care. Hear more about Theresa’s experience, and how her computer assisted knee replacement got her back to doing the things she loves to do. 

When I came out from under the anesthesia, I keep waiting on that pain and it was gone! I was just startled, I could believe it! It wasn't long before I started walking around."

Alton Edwards
Spinal surgery patient

It gave me a great deal of comfort to know that I was going to have a major surgery that with that thechnology and the accuracy of that technology, that my outcome would be as near perfect as possible."

Theresa Thompson
Total Knee Replacement Surgery Patient


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